Submit your tax return forms in a flash with our tax return iOS mobile app. theTAXappUSA offers a user-friendly app for filing income tax returns using mobile devices.


Our Tax App

theTAXappUSA is a smartphone app that is perfect for busy people that have simple tax returns to complete and do not want to wait in long lines at the local tax office or don't want to have to ask a bunch of confusing questions in order to get their taxes done.

With theTAXappUSA app you can skip the trip to the local tax office and now Make Your iPhone Your Tax Preparer.

Our DIYT, allows you to simply download the FREE app from the AppStore, calculate your refund, attach a copy of your W2(s) and click submit. Its as easy as 1, 2, 3.

If you eFile by Feb 15 you can save over 30%.

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