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Make Your iPhone Your Tax Preparer

theTAXappUSA mobile app is designed to allow busy people like you to complete your simple 1040EZ tax return on your iPhone. Our app helps you not only CALCULATE YOUR REFUND quickly but also helps you effortlessly e-file your 1040EZ tax return forms. Why spend hours in line at a tax office to complete a simple return? Now you can electronically file your 1040EZ tax return right on your iPhone using theTAXappUSA mobile tax app.

When you use the app from theTAXappUSA there is no software to download, no confusing questions to answer and no time wasted at the local tax office.CALCULATE YOUR REFUND IN A FLASH, then simply provide some basic information, attach a copy of your W2(s) and voilà you’re done in 2 minutes or less.

And when you choose Direct Deposit your refund will be in your account within 8 to 14 days!

Put our 10 years of experience helping customers come up with more convenient ways to file taxes to work for you. Our new technology makes it possible for you to complete your taxes securely and exclusively on your iPhone. We call it D.I.Y.T. or DO IT YOURSELF TECHNOLOGY. Now thanks to our technological breakthrough you can file your tax return quickly and easily on your iPhone while on the go!!

The best part is that we offer a 100% money back guarantee.